Musings of an Old Climbing Dad

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  • The Mind is a Funny Thing

    The Mountain Laurels are in full bloom in late May. On the tree, the blooms are bunched up to make larger flowers that are awe-inspiring, but when they fall to the ground, each individual blossom is just as beautiful. I love the shape of the inside of the flowers. Maddie and I were back at…

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  • A Long-Term Investment

    Nine years ago, my oldest little girl (Maddie) was finishing up the sixth grade. She came to me at the beginning of the summer and said, “I think I want to run Cross Country for Byrnes next year.” I didn’t hesitate. I told her to get her tennis shoes and follow me. I took her…

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  • The Longest 5.5 Seconds of My Life

    Sometimes, people do stupid things. Throughout my life, I would fit more on the “most of the time” side of that scale. A friend that I worked with at AFL was a rodeo announcer on the side. He came to me one day and ask if I would like to ride a bull for charity.…

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  • How much is a smile worth?

    Maddie was home for a few days before she starts her whitewater guide job for the summer, so we headed to Looking Glass Rock between the showers. This is a traditional climbing area in North Carolina. If you have ever driven on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you have seen this large granite gumdrop in the…

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Maddie Sinks Canyon 2003

RMNP 1999

Chris in Joe’s Canyon 1999

Maddie’s first race 2008

Maddie at Sand Rock testing out some prototype climbing sandals 2003

Sophie watching Old Faithful 2018

Near Dinosaur NM 2018

Chris with her tree at the Overlook 2018

Maddie after a storm 2006

Sophie in the Narrrows Zion NP 2016

Owl Rock in Arches NP 2003

Sinks Canyon 2003

Maddie Rumbling Bald 2003

Gunks bouldering 2002

Perry pulling a sketchy toe hook in Estes Park 2018

Maddie at the New River Gorge 2005

Four Corners 2016

Maddie in Maple Canyon 2003

Middle Teton summit day 2003

Chris on Mississippi Moon Red River Gorge 2000

Maddie in Acadia NP 2002

High Camp near the Sulphide Glacier 1999

Sophie Wild Iris 2018

Sophie Utah 2016

Maddie on the Slick Rock Trial 2016

Maddie on the ice 2006

Maddie and Sophie in Utah 2016

Grand Canyon South Rim 2016

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